File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 cBrick.hThe representation of a brick
 cBricksDatabase.hThe database of building blocks
 cCandidate.hThe representation of a peptide sequence candidate
 cCandidateSet.hThe representation of a set of peptide sequence candidates
 cDeNovoGraph.hThe implementation of the de novo graph
 cDeNovoGraphNode.hThe representation of a node in the de novo graph
 cFragmentIons.hBasic definitions of fragment ions occurring in the mass spectra
 cImzML.hImzML parser
 cMzML.hMzML parser
 cParameters.hDefinitions of program parameters
 cPeak.hThe representation of a peak in a mass spectrum
 cPeakListSeries.hThe representation of a series of peaklists
 cPeaksList.hThe representation of a peak list
 cSequence.hThe representation of a sequence
 cSequenceDatabase.hThe database of sequences
 cSummaryFormula.hThe representation of a summary formula
 cTheoreticalSpectrum.hThe representation of a theoretical mass spectrum
 cTheoreticalSpectrumList.hThe representation of a list of theoretical mass spectra
 utilities.hAuxiliary funtions and structures
 cAboutWidget.hThe implementation of the dialog 'Help->About'
 cBranchCyclicWidget.hVisualization of a branch-cyclic peptide
 cBranchedWidget.hVisualization of a branched peptide
 cBricksDatabaseProxyModel.hA proxy model for editor of database of building blocks
 cBricksDatabaseWidget.hAn editor of building blocks database
 cCheckBoxDelegate.hA checkbox item delegate
 cChromatogramWindow.hChromatogram window
 cChromatogramWindowWidget.hChromatogram window widget
 cComboBoxDelegate.hA combobox item delegate
 cCyclicWidget.hVisualization of a cyclic peptide
 cDrawPeptideWidget.hDraw a peptide from a sequence of building blocks
 cEventFilter.hAn event filter
 cExportDialog.hThe implementation of a dialog to export spectrum/peptide image
 cFindDialog.hThe implementation of a find dialog
 cFragmentIonsListWidget.hThe implementation of a widget where types of fragment ions generated in theoretical spectra are selected
 cGraphWidget.hThe implementation of the dialog 'View->Graph'
 cHTMLDelegate.hA delegate to display rich text
 cHTMLExportDialog.hThe implementation of HTML export dialog
 cImageWindow.hImage window
 cImageWindowWidget.hImage window widget
 cLinearWidget.hVisualization of a linear peptide
 cMainThread.hThe thread launched by the command 'Search->Run'
 cMainWindow.hThe main window of the application
 cMainWindowProxyModel.hA table proxy model
 cModificationsProxyModel.hA proxy model for editor of database of modifications
 cModificationsWidget.hAn editor of N-/C-terminal modifications database
 cMultipleButtonDelegate.hA delegate to create multiple buttons
 cParametersWidget.hThe widget for editing parameters of the application opened using the command 'Search->Settings'
 cSequenceDatabaseProxyModel.hA proxy model for editor of database of sequences
 cSequenceDatabaseWidget.hAn editor of sequences database
 cSpectrumDetailProxyModel.hA table proxy model
 cSpectrumDetailWidget.hThe widget for visualisation of a detail of a spectrum (opened after doubleclick on a row when results are reported)
 cSpectrumSceneWidget.hThe implementation of a widget painting a 2D mass spectrum
 cSummaryPeaksTableProxyModel.hA table proxy model
 cSummaryPeaksTableWidget.hSummary table of matched peaks
 cViewButtonDelegate.hA delegate to create a reference view button
 cGraphReaderThread.hThe thread which scans the de novo graph for peptide sequence candidates
 cSpectrumComparatorThread.hThe thread for comparison of a theoretical spectrum with a peak list