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Miroslav ŠULC, PhD

E-mail: m s u l c @ b i o m e d . c a s . c z
ResearcherID: K-1029-2014

Miroslav ŠULC, PhD


Degrees and Professional Qualifications

1995: Academic degree MSc at Department of Biochemistry, Charles University, Prague

2002: PhD. degree at Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague

2005: Kvach Family Award for Microbiology

2010: Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague

2011: Vladimír Hanuš and Petr Sedmera Award

Research and other activities

MS analysis of proteins, peptides and small bioactive molecules.

Application of chemical cross-linking reagents or photoactivated protein nano-probes followed by MS analysis to study protein structure and protein-protein interactions.


  • 56 scientific papers
  • 3 oral presentations
  • over 40 poster presentations
  • PubMed link