The tool is opened using the command "Tools -> Chromatogram" from the Main Window. The function is available if LC-MS data are processed. Use F1 to open this help.

Example Chromatogram


Export Image (CTRL + E)

Export the image into a PDF, PS (Windows only), PNG or SVG file. PS files in Linux can be generated outside of the application, e.g., using the pdf2ps tool.

Close (Esc)

Close window.

Zoom In (CTRL +)

Zoom in.

Zoom Out (CTRL -)

Zoom out.

Zoom Reset (CTRL + R)

Reset zoom.

Absolute Intensity (CTRL + I)

View absolute/relative intensities of peaks.

Hide TIC (CTRL + Shift + T)

Hide/show total ion current chromatogram (TIC).

Hide Matched Peaks (CTRL + Shift + E)

Hide/show extracted ion chromatogram (EIC). EIC is calculated from the ions which are currently listed in Summary Table of Matched Peaks.

HTML Documentation (F1)

Show HTML documentation.

Mouse Spectrum ID Selection Tool (CTRL + T)

If the button is enabled, the mouse can be used to select a range of IDs to be shown.

  • Left mouse button - press and hold the button to draw a rectangle determining the minimum and maximum values of IDs; release the button to apply the changes.
  • Right mouse button - press the button during the drawing of a rectangle to cancel the drawing.
  • Middle mouse button - reset the range of IDs.
  • Mouse wheel up - zoom the interval in.
  • Mouse wheel down - zoom the interval out.

If the button is disabled, the mouse can be used to shift the interval of IDs to the left or right. Press and hold the left mouse button to shift the chromatogram.

Spectrum ID

  • First field - a minimum value of ID to be shown.
  • Second field - a maximum value of ID to be shown.
  • "Set" button (or Enter key) - apply the changes.
  • "Reset" button - reset the range of IDs.