Text Filter

Text Filter

Text filter.

The text filter is embedded in the Main Window, Summary Table of Matched Peaks, Building Blocks Editor, Sequence/Compound Database Editor, and Modifications Editor.

Dropdown menu - column

Select the name of column to be searched.

Dropdown menu - comparator

Select the type of comparator. The value in a selected column can be =, <, <=, >, >= than a value entered in the input line.

Input Line - Text to Find (CTRL + F)

Enter the text to be found into the input line.

Checkbox - Case In/sensitive (CTRL + T)

If the checkbox is checked, the text is searched case sensitively, otherwise it is searched case insensitively.

Checkbox - Whole Words Only (CTRL + W)

If the checkbox is checked, only whole words are searched.

Filter (Enter key, if the input line is focused)

Press the button to select only the rows of the table which meet the defined criteria.

Reset (CTRL + R)

Press the button to reset the input line and to show the entire report.